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SoLID Director's Review

General Documents:

  • Response to the Comments from Review Committee
  • Charge to the Review Committee
  • Cost Estimation
  • SoLID Preliminary Conceptual Design Report
  • SoLID White Paper for 2014 Long Range Plan
  • Review Agenda and Talks

    Device Layouts:   Overall Dimension


    Baseline Equipments:

  • GEM:    most recent talks (US, China)    wiki
  • Calorimeters:    specs,    most recent talk,    wiki
  • SPD:    specs    most recent talk,   
  • Light Gas Cherenkov:    specs,    most recent talk,    wiki (SIDIS, PVDIS)
  • Heavy Gas Cherenkov:    specs,    most recent talk,    wiki
  • MRPC:    most recent talk,   

  • Magnet and Yoke:    specs (Magnet, Support and Infrastructure)    most recent talk,    wiki
  • PVDIS Baffle:    specs,    most recent talk,    wiki    
  • DAQ:    specs,    most recent talk,    wiki(PVDIS, SIDIS) ,   Channels and Parameters ,    wiki
  • Non-Baseline Equipments:

  • Targets:    most recent talk
  • Polarimetries:    most recent talk
  • Simulation and Analysis:

  • Monte Carlo Simulation:    SoLID-GEMC,     Generators,    Neuteron Background   (wiki),    Other Background
  • Tracking:    most recent talk,    wiki
  • Organization Structure and Subsystem Responsibilities


           The SoLID collaboration contains 200+ collaborators from 50+ institutes and 11 countries, and the number is still growing. We also have very significant international contributions. We are very welcome new collaborators who are insteresting in our project to join us.

    Contact:    Jian-ping Chen (Project Manager),    Email:   jpchen@,   Phone:  757-269-7413.