Solenoidal Large Intensity Device

The planned SoLID detector is a large acceptance forward scattering spectrometer with full azimuthal angular coverage capable of handling high luminosities (1037 – 1039/cm2/s) with a variety of polarized and unpolarized targets. The detector will exploit the full potential of the JLab 12 GeV upgrade with programs in 3D imaging of the nucleon, beyond standard-model searches and exploration of gluonic forces.


Researchers utilizing the SoLID device will extract transverse momentum distributions (TMDs) utilizing Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering using polarized beams and (3He and NH3) targets. A series of experiments will probe the confined motions (3-D imaging) of partons inside protons and neutrons including orbital motion, and uncover the rich QCD dynamics such as spin-orbital correlations. The flavor separated u and d quark tensor charges determined from the transversity TMD will allow for tests of Lattice QCD predictions and unique Standard Model tests when combined with nucleon electric dipole moments.


J/Ψ production near threshold will provide information on the pure gluonic component of QCD and add understanding of the nature of the charmed pentaquark states observed at LHCb.


SoLID can be configured to measure Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering (PVDIS), searching for new interactions beyond the Standard Model. In the PVDIS configuration the detector will handle an event rate of 0.5 MHz.