SoLID Experiments

The core research areas for the SoLID detector are Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering (PVDIS), Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering (SIDIS), and near threshold J/Psi Electroproduction. Five proposals in these areas have been approved as experiments by the JLab Program Advisory Committee (PAC). In addition, a number of proposals have been approved to run in parallel to these experiments requiring no additional beam time. These Run Group Experiments have been approved by the SoLID technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the JLab PAC.


  • BNSSA (PR12-22-004)
    Measurement of the Beam Normal Single Spin Asymmetry in Deep Inelastic Scattering using the SoLID Detector, Submission at PAC 50, 2022, approved 38 days with a rating of A-

  • Other Physics Channels

    Conditionally approved (C2), letters of Intent, Deferred Proposals and posibilities.

    • EMC Effect in Parity Violating DIS (PVEMC)
      Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS)
      Deferred proposals PR12-16-006 and PR12-14-007
    • Parity Violating DIS on polarized 3He
      Letter of Intent: LOI12-16-007
    • Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS)
      DVCS with polarized targets
    • Double Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DDVCS)
      DDVCS on proton (LOI12-12-005) Letter of Intent to PAC 43, 2015. Would run first as a run group experiment with J/Psi(E12-12-006) and then as a dedicated experiment.
    • First Measurement of the Flavor Dependence of Nuclear PDF Modification Using Parity-Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering
      C2 approved by PAC 50 (PR12-22-002).

    Run Group Experiments

    • SIDIS Dihadron with Transversely Polarized 3He (E12-10-006A)
      Submission to SoLID TAC and PAC 42,2014, approved as a run group with E12-10-006.
    • SIDIS in Kaon Production with Transversely Polarized Proton and 3He (E12-11-108B/E12-10-006D)
      Submission to SoLID TAC and PAC46, 2018, conditionally approved as a run group experiment with E12-11-108 and E12-10-006.
    • Ay (E12-11-108A/E12-10-006A)
      Target Single Spin Asymmetry Measurements in the Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Reaction on Transversely Polarized Proton and Neutron (3He) Targets using the SoLID Spectrometer
      Submission to SoLID TAC and PAC 42, 2014, approved as run group with E12-10-006 and E12-11-108.
    • g2n and d2n (E12-11-007A/E12-10-006E)
      Measurement of Inclusive g2n and d2n with SoLID on a Polarized 3He Target. Submission to SoLID TAC and PAC 48, 2020, approved as as a run group experiment with E12-11-007 and E12-10-006.
    • Deep Exclusive Meson Production (E12-10-006B) (DEMP)
      Measurement of Deep Exclusive Pi- Production using a Transversely Polarized He3 Target and the SoLID Spectrometer,
      Submission at SoLID TAC and PAC 45, 2017, approved as run group with E12-10-006.
    • Timelike Compton Scattering (E12-12-006A) (TCS)
      TCS with circular polarized beam and unpolarized LH2 target,
      Submission at SoLID TAC and PAC 43, 2015, approved as run group with J/Psi(E12-12-006).