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These documents on PVDIS (subtopic of Physics) are available:

SoLID-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
433-v1 PVDIS and Other BSM: Questions form the DOE Science Review Paul Souder PVDIS
17 Dec 2021
431-v1 Other EW Physics with SoLID Xiaochao Zheng Other
16 Dec 2021
428-v1 Projected BSM constraints from SoLID in the Standard Model EFT framework Frank Petriello PVDIS
16 Dec 2021
412-v1 PVDIS resonance RC uncertainty 2 Weizhi Xiong PVDIS
02 Nov 2021
411-v1 PVDIS resonance RC uncertainty 1 Weizhi Xiong Physics
02 Nov 2021
402-v2 First Measurement of the Flavor Dependence of Nuclear PDF Modification Using Parity-Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering Rakitha S Beminiwattha Physics
11 Jun 2021
373-v1 Nucleon structure study using PVDIS with SoLID Yuxiang Zhao PVDIS
18 Apr 2021
365-v1 Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering with SoLID at JLab Weizhi Xiong PVDIS
12 Apr 2021
318-v1 PVDIS Theory Jens Erler PVDIS
07 Jan 2021
249-v1 Update on PVDIS Motivation Paul Souder PVDIS
08 Jun 2020
149-v1 Simulation progress: software updates and recent PVDIS results Richard S. Holmes Simulation
11 Jan 2019
119-v1 PVDIS baffle optimization: No hole baffles Richard S. Holmes Support/Baffle
15 Jun 2018
107-v2 PVDIS Simulations Richard S. Holmes Simulation
08 Jun 2018

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