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Studies of the Unpolarized SIDIS Cross Section in SoLID

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Ye Tian
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Ye Tian
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08 May 2023, 11:52
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08 May 2023, 11:52
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08 May 2023, 15:04
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Thorough understanding of unpolarized cross section, which is a component of the total cross section in lepton-nucleon semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS), may provide essential information on the SIDIS physics, in addition to what hitherto measured and/or simulated charged-hadron azimuthal asymmetries and multiplicity distributions are capable of providing. In this run group proposal, we present the results of our studies on the unpolarized cross section for the Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SoLID) with transversely and longitudinally polarized He3 targets at 11 and 8.8 GeV electron beam energies. We discuss the outputted unpolarized cross-section pseudo-data without as well as with the cos(ϕh) and cos(2ϕh) azimuthal modulations taken into account. The results are obtained for produced positive and negative charged pions in the SoLID kinematic region.
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May 2023 meeting held from 08 May 2023 to 09 May 2023 in JLab CEBAF Center Room F113
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