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Solid XL - last look with CLEO steel?

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A revised magnetic model of the SoLID system with the ME-specified layout at the magnet-endcap interface has been created. This model still uses the CLEO steel even though it may be replaced. It uses a 1010 BH curve rather than the Opera default “good magnet steel” as in previous documents. This increases stray field outside the iron from 5G to 10G where PMTs and detector readouts are to be placed. It also increase the field at PMT locations inside the endcap from ~60 G to ~80 G. It follows that holes covering 2% of the surface area of the end cap may increase these fields similar amounts. The effect of the nose taper required to maintain acceptance to the end of the PVDIS target on the field in these regions is shown to be small (~2%), contrary to my expectations.
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Direct comparisons of stray fields with three BH curves added
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