Agenda and Minutes for 2011/02/02

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  • Mauri has showed us some output banks and related hitprocess in GEMC by using clas12 as an example, please see Solid hitprocess
  • progress
    • Mauri is trying to pack header files as rpm and make modifying and compile gemc code streamline.
    • Mauri is trying to have a total absorber material in the code.
    • Zhiwen talked to Mauri about Eugene's question about volume coping during the collaboration meeting, it turn out that gemc has inherited the geant4 copy functionality. So we just need to build the geometry in database by taking the advantage of that. The example are in clas12 geo definition.
    • Zhiwen create simple text and evio output by just using baffle as sensitive dtectors and shoot some e- on them.
    • Simona showed some example conversion from evio to root by using Zhiwen's output
    • Seamus has built GEMC as a shared library and is able to compile against it - example and instructions is solgemc/ in the solid jlabsvn repository
  • todo (while we are start put in more magnet configuration. we want to setup solid with babar magnet also to compare with Eugene's geant3 result.)
    • Zhiwen will work on streamline the baffle design and acceptance study.
    • Zhiwen will work on put EC in and also work with Paul on new EC ideas
    • Simona will work on put CC in
    • Seamus will look into have GEM in
    • Lorenzo will work on event generator.
  • note
    • At some point, when we have genearl things setup, we want to meet with Eugene to discuss the details.
    • Mauri asks us to use the bug report system which is much more efficient than email back and forth and all parties will get notified promptly.