Agenda and Minutes for 2011/02/09

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  • progress
    • Simona had Cherenkov SIDIS geometry in database. She is working on tweaking the mirror design. There's a limit from the yoke radius. What will be the height of beam line which will limit the yoke radius? We can't dig a hole in the hall, can we?
    • Paul generated different filed map for BaBar,CDF,ZEUS magnet with Possion program. Zhiwen has converted them into GEMC map. refer to Magnet coil and yoke and Magnetic Field Map
    • Lorenzo have event generator output in LUND format. we are testing it. refer to event generator
    • Zhiwen is working on baffle and acceptance study. refer to Baffle
    • Zhiwen is working on calorimeter and trying to run W/SciFi simulation code.
    • our database "soliddb" is online, Zhiwen is testing it and will release once it's ready.
  • todo
    • Mauri is working on having header files built into rpm.
    • Mauri is trying to have a total absorber material in the code.
    • Mauri is fixing a bug which Simona found to be a limit of char size of detector type name
    • other work in progress.