Agenda and Minutes for 2011/02/16

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  • progress
    • Simona tested one mirror design, it seems has good result as light collecting efficiency. refer to Cherenkov SIDIS
    • Lorenzo correct a small bug and modify the event generator code to include angle filter. Zhiwen can use them as input all right. refer to event generator
    • Zhiwen and Mauri debugged the gemc and now the total absorber works.
    • Zhiwen put some banks for solid in database by adopting clas12 definition and corresponding hitprocess routine.
    • Zhiwen built CDF coil and yoke into database according to Paul's design in magnet field input.
    • Zhiwen made some progress on W/Scifi EC simulation, but no result to show yet.
    • Seamus is working on built solid simulation by using gemc as a library and will show how to later.
    • Zhiwen put some instruction on compile gemc on ifarm
  • note
    • our soliddb mysql server has a configuration problem, that the max_connect_errors is setup too low as default 10, Zhiwen is contacting CC to fix it. refer to
    • According to Mauri, gemc lund format doesn't have weight factor. one solution is replace one item in lund as the weight so that it can be directed to output while gemc has no need to touch it at all.
    • gemc can use many GEANT4 physics list directly, refer to . Mauri has also built the gemc physics list by following GEANT4 physics definition with jlab physics in mind. there's no special treatment for just clas12, meant to be general. Any improvement would be welcome. The source code is under svn "physics/".
    • Zhiwen saw gemc having slow rate is actually a lot of hit on iron as sensitive detector with gemc graphic. It runs much faster in batch mode. So it was not really a problem. We should eventually evaluate and optimize gemc speed with solid configuration.
    • Zhiwen put a page about compile GEMC source code, use this to have the latest feature.