Agenda and Minutes for 2011/03/16

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  • progress
    • Zhiwen fixed a problem of CaloSim program for SciFi calorimeter, now the result for W and Fe are reasonable. The resolution is better for Fe and better with 2T magnetic field. Attempt is made to use gemc to repeat the result. It looks right but needs more statistics to show. refer more plots in Solid_Forward_Calorimeter#Fe.2FSciFi_Ecal
    • Simona have the initial design of 30 winston cone with 7 PMT per cone for SIDIS light gas CC.
  • todo
    • Zhiwen will work on SciFi and Shashlyk Calorimeter. test Pions
    • Zhiwen will work on a script to better display field.
    • Paul will generate CLEO field map.
    • Lorenzo will work on root output.
    • Seamus on baffle