Agenda and Minutes for 2011/04/13

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  • progress
    • Seamus, good new baffle designs in GEMC: [1], it has similar eff to Eugene design, but with more slits. We need a better FOM to evaluate the design. fro CDF, Paul had the impression Eugen had some difficulties, but sure what. For ZUES as a smaller magnet, Paul has the idea maybe wen can put last baffle out of coid area.
    • Zhiwen and Xiaochao collect Shashlyk EC information Solid Forward Calorimeter#Shashlyk_Ecal. for the COMPASS type module which IHEP group can produce, there's some cost estimation. The requirement between PVDIS and SIDIS need careful evaluation and segmentation requirement needs to be consdered with tracking toggether.
    • Lorenzo is making process on neutron backgroud study.
  • todo
    • validate the simulation for PVDIS and SIDIS.