DDVCS Proposal work for next SoLID collaboration meeting in May 2016

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Editing the text

Proposal files are on github :


Get a github account and give me your username to be able to clone /edit.

Quick GIT cheat sheet

At the command line on linux or MAC

To get a copy the first time

git clone git@github.com:camsonne/SoLID-DDVCS.git


git clone https://github.com/camsonne/SoLID-DDVCS.git

To update to latest version

git pull

To add new files

git add [filename]

To commit a change

git commit -m "comment on what you did" git push

Resolving conflicts

I still need to learn about GIT on how to do that. If you do a pull and you have not commited your changes it will ask you to commit first. If there are conflicts, you can clone another version in another directory to get the latest version and you can copy the changes from your version to the latest and commit and push it.


Task Responsible Estimated completion
Mechanical design Dominique / Christine
Large Angle Muon detector Kondo
Single pion background Zhiwen
Rho background contamination
Trigger rate Alex/Zhiwen
Physics coverage
Exclusivity check
DDVCS event generator Marie
Muon detector simulation Patrick

Proposal sections

Task Responsible Estimated completion
Physics case Eric
CLEO Muon detector Alexandre
Large Angle Muon detector Kondo
Single pion background Zhiwen
Rho background
Trigger rate Zhiwen, Alexandre
Physics rate, kinematical coverage
Exclusivity ep ->e'mu+mu-X
Mechanical design



Issues to be addressed

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