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This is a series of version history for GEMC source code tree relevant to SoLID simulation.

They are considered production version for SoLID.

There are other changes made to the GEMC source code tree related to other simulation projects using GEMC which are not documented here. The SVN updates and comments can be used to check that.

version history

production version tag 1.8, updated 2013/7/30

  • how to install it
    • follow the general installation instruction and use env as
  setenv GEANT4_VERSION 4.9.6.p01
  setenv ROOT_VERSION 5.34.05
  setenv QT_VERSION 4.8.4
  setenv GEMC_VERSION 1.8
  • SoLID related change
    • various geometry update, add more analysis tools
  • GEMC code change
    • use GEANT4.9.6.p01

production version tag 1.7, updated 2012/11/07

  • how to install it
    • follow the general installation instruction and use env as
  setenv GEANT4_VERSION 4.9.5.p01
  setenv ROOT_VERSION 5.32
  setenv QT_VERSION 4.8.1
  setenv GEMC_VERSION 1.7
  • SoLID related change
    • move SoLID part out of GEMC tree and into SoLID_GEMC tree
    • add detailed CLEO setup

production version 6145, updated 2012/03/24

  • SoLID related changes
    • Deuteron definition in gemc is fixed
    • add cylindrical-x and cylindrical-y symmetry to support proton NH3 target field.
  • GEMC code change:
    • use geant4.9.5 which use cmake to compile and suppose help low energy EM process improvement

production version 5583, updated 2012/01/25

  • SoLID related changes
    • adjust some existing geometry, add some CLEO geometry
    • add more materials, especially for GEM and polarized proton target.
  • GMEC code changes:
    • using geant4.9.4p02
    • Added multiple hits for a single step. Any number of hits can now be generated from a single geant4 step. Immediate applications: silicon and micromegas detector for charge sharing.
    • Implement the RECORD_PASSBY, By default the tracks passing through a material without depositing any energy will not be recored. The flag RECORD_PASSBY can be set to 1 if you want to record these
    • Notice: a gamma will not directly release energy on a scintillator, but will convert, and the pair will release energy, so by default right now gammas are not recorded
    • Add signal interface, For now it will display the single step informations for each hit, and graphs of energy deposited. In the future it will display the signal in volt versus time.
    • add GDML output

production version 4537, updated 2011/05/24

  • SoLID related changes
    • add various geometry for BaBar configuration
    • add materials for SoLID
    • add material "kryptonite" to kill all tracks once it gets hits.
  • GMEC code changes:
    • using geant4.9.3p02