MRPC tests

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Data taking

Computer is hallavme10

User adaq acount

Data decoding

Log in on hallavme10, go in decodertdc directory

 cd decodertdc
   ./fadc_decode [codafilename] 13
   example : ./fadc_decode ../fadc2tdc_149.dat 13

Data analysis

Tree T has 3 branches :

  data : array of 16 by 400, which corresponds to all the sample of each channel of FADC

 tdc : V775 32 channels of tdc
  htdc : V1290 32 chanels
 To draw all channels of FADC : T->Draw("data:Iterations$")
 To draw all channels of TDC : T->Draw("tdc:Iterations$")
 To draw  one channels of FADC for example 5: T->Draw("data[5]:Iterations$")
 To draw one channels of TDC for example : T->Draw("tdc[5]:Iterations$")
 To draw maximum amplitude of a FADC channel : T->Draw("Max$(data[5]):Iterations$")

File location

Preliminary cabling table