SoLID Ecal Weekly 20230720

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Various Updates

  • Xinzhan will work on GEM tracking efficiency correction, estimate time needed = 2 weeks.
  • Spencer is working on best test simulation PID, studying Shower/Preshower 2D cuts with TS3 applied. We discussed using momentum-binned simulation spectrum to find the "best slope" of the 2D cut.
  • Ye slidesshowed that Shower MIPs seem to change to higher values at higher current/rate runs, though Preshower MIPs remained stable for the same condition. It appears that Shower-L PMT failed at the highest rate. Alexandre commented that PMT gain may drop initially with higher rate, and then eventually fail (no light output). We should:
    • check if Jixie did any pedestal study -- update: all studies were done with beam off, HV on vs. off which would not be helpful for the rate-dependent baseline determination
    • test all PMTs to be used for SoLID to see at what rates they would fail.

Update on ML PID

  • Darren's slides: