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Link to the Meeting page [https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Meeting_solid Solid Teleconference Meetings] <br/>
Last meeting: [[SoLID Minutes Tuesday, June 17, 2014]]
== Agenda ==
* Paul's Update https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/c/ca/Presentation1.pdf
* SIDIS Rate Study by Zhihong: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2c84sriwsdvl4z/SIDIS_Rates.pdf
Rakitha, JP, Zhihong, Paul, Nickie, Mehdi, Michael, and Richard
== Minutes ==
* The preCDR status,
** Will submit by next Monday to Bob and Mont.
* We will receive Hall A TAC comments for new SoLID proposals
** One main comment about the EMC proposal : Ca48 Neutron bkg
* Update the collaboration list before the director's review
** Sent out emails institutions to update collaborators in that institution.
* Paul's update on Simulation
** Discussed the possibility of reducing the target length, where pions go down quadratically and DIS goes down linearly with the target length
** Possible changes that we could do before the director's review
*** Optimizing the Cerenkov detector system : add lead before the Cerenkov mirrors
*** Paul and JP can come up with a list of things that we could do before the directors review
** It is also worth looking at the EM background variation with target length
* CLEO magnet visit, People who traveled to visit the magnet are finalizing the report
* Zhihong's update on the Pi0 background on the SPD, see SoLID elog 89

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