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== intro ==
a general Calorimeter introduction
== simulation in GEMC ==
Refer to the general [[SoLID_Software_Detector_Simulation#subsystem_simulation|SoLID subsystem simulation]]
SVN dir https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/subsystem/ec/
follow the readme here
== simulation in Remoll by Rakitha ==
== standalone simulation by Jin Huang ==
see reports in collaboration meeting and EC meeting
A lot of info is in his elog https://hallaweb.jlab.org/dvcslog/SoLID/?mode=summary&reverse=0&reverse=1&npp=20&Author=jin+huang
one log about EC background simulation https://hallaweb.jlab.org/dvcslog/SoLID/100
Jin's code, data and script https://hallaweb.jlab.org/dvcslog/SoLID/92
Jin's code https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/subsystem/ec/CaloSimShashlik
Zhiwen's early code https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/subsystem/ec/CaloSim

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