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== Introduction ==
You will need two things to run set of things for SoLID simulation:
# [[#SoLID_GEMC|SoLID_GEMC]], which you will need no matter what,
# [[#GEMC|GEMC]] (vanilla kind, easiest to setup) or [[#solgemc|solgemc]] (which uses GEMC as library, require a bit more work).
== SoLID_GEMC ==
solid_gemc is a collection of SoLID codes for using GEMC.  You need it no matter running vanilla GEMC or solgemc.
You can obtain solid_gemc from SoLID SVN
svn co https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/solid_gemc
database_io  dir has geometry/field/banks ready to load into the mysql database
script        dir has scripts to setup env and run the simulation code
analysistool  dir has various packages for analyzing simulation result
== GEMC ==
The framework use environmental variable JLAB_VERSION to control version
SoLID uses 1.0 version currently
The framework was tested on many platform, but for SoLID use, it's only fully tested on Redhat flavoured linux like CentOS, RHEL, Fedora so far
Detailed instruction is here [https://eic.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Installation_of_framework installation of framework]
== version control (old)==
'''see [[solid GEMC version historty ]] for the change log'''
svn checkout by default always get the latest reversion.  If you want a specific reversion, add option "-r revision_number"
how to know your current copy reversion number: go to top svn directory, run "svn update", then run "svnversion"
You'd better use a graphic svn client to get alerted once updates show up. I like "kdesvn" or you may check out this list [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Subversion_clients]
== solgemc ==
Another way to run solid simulation is to use GEMC as library,
To get the code specific to SoLID, solgemc:
  svn checkout https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/solgemc
[[solgemc Installation Instructions]]
[[solgemc installation outside JLAB]]
== libsolgem ==
The library for digitizing GEM output is found in this repository
  svn checkout https://jlabsvn.jlab.org/svnroot/solid/libsolgem/
The database that corresponds to the GEM configuration in user_geometry3 : solid_gem

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