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The repository is located at
  • Instructions on how to use this repository can be found here
  • The username/password for this repository can be supplied by Seamus Riordan
  • Please do not store plaintext passwords (as explained in the instructions).
  • To build,
pdflatex solid_techprop.tex
  • Make sure you have texlive-latex-extra and texlive-humanities installed.

Guidelines for production

  • Each section has it's own directory which has a LaTeX file for your contribution, a bibliography file for your citations, and a directory for figures to keep everything organized. Just add in what you need for your section. This is to be compiled with pdflatex, so pdfs, png, and jpegs can be included (no postscript).
  • Please, *please*, keep figure files to a reasonable size (e.g. no 10MB pictures).
  • Please make sure your files compile before checking anything in.
  • As we will be using a single account for most contributions, it would be useful if you include your name and details in the submission comments.
  • In solid_techprop.tex, you can use \includeonly{<your section>} to reduce the builds to your section alone. There is an example included.

If you have problems or questions or would just rather hand over your section to me by email, *don't hesitate to contact Seamus Riordan*.