Weekly : Monday, June 10, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • Discussion on SoLID cost estimation according to WBS (Work Breakdown


  • Sub-system updates


  • JP: We try to finish the table and txt at the end of this week. Thank you for all of you!
  • JP: We still haven't decide the final date yet.
  • JP: Do you have any update from Ga0sian about the R&D
  • Paul: briefly discuss with Gaosian about the preR&D, We will discuss this during the user meeting next week.
  • JP: Any update? Zhiwen?
  • Zhiwen: I will check everyone's format of the table.
  • JP: Anything for the GEM readout?
  • Jinlong: I wil talk about the tracking on tomorrow's simulation meeting.
  • Michael: I got the cost quite of the mirror from the company, but I still need some time to finalized the cost. But it looks promising.
  • JP: How about the target?
  • Silviu: I don't have update on it.


Alexandre, JP, Michael, Paul, Nilanga, Seamus, Stephen, Silviu, Whit, Jinlong, Ye, Rich, and Zhiwen