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HGC Window Prototyping -- Carbon fiber testing series

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11 Jul 2019, 15:18
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As part of the prototyping process for the SoLID Heavy Gas Cherenkov detector (HGC), a suitable material for the entrance window must be found. The HGC will be filled with gas at a pressure of approximately 1.5 atm, or 22.0 psi (that is, 0.5 atm or 7.35 psi over-pressure), and must fit in the SoLID assembly at Jefferson Lab Hall A. As such, the material must not only withstand the pressure difference, but do so with minimal bulging (no more than approximately 10 cm). In this series of trials, a miniature version of the HGC window is tested with 3 different material configurations along with a full-sized shell prototype. The procedures followed to make these configurations are detailed in this report, along with the results from the pressure test for each window shell.
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