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SoLID Heavy Gas Cherenkov and DEMP Event Generator

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The future Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SoLID) at Jefferson Lab will enable a new series of high luminosity, large acceptance, fixed angle experiments. These include the proposed Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering (SIDIS) series of experiments. The requirements of one of the SIDIS experiments coincides with those for a measurement of the transverse nucleon, single-spin asymmetries A_UT^sin(mu*phi+lambda*phi_S), in particular, the largest two, A_UT^sin(phi-phiS) and A_UT^sin(phi_S). These asymmetries are of high value to the study of Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs), as they are believed to be highly sensitive to the most poorly known GPD, E-tilde. As such, the SoLID Deep Exclusive Meson Production (DEMP) experiment has been proposed to run parasitically with the SIDIS experiment. In this thesis, model-based asymmetry data are parameterized as part of cross section calculations in a Monte-Carlo event generator for use in the experimental proposal. This thesis also details a complete rewrite of this event generator in order to improve computation time, readability, and stability, enabling greater statistics for further studies.
A critical component of the SoLID apparatus is the Heavy Gas Cherenkov (HGC), which is used for pi± identification. The University of Regina has received funding from CFI and the Fedoruk Institute to build a prototype segment HGC. A key requirement of the HGC is to maintain a 1.5 atm operating pressure, with minimal leaking over long periods, while also having a thin, low-Z entry window. This thesis investigates solutions for the entry window using different materials, finding the optimal solution to be a hard carbon fiber shell to take the stress of the elevated pressure, with Mylar providing the air-tightness.
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University of Regina M.Sc. thesis. Supervisor: Garth Huber (2019)
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