Agenda and Minutes for 2010/10/29

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SoLID Meeting, October 29, 4:30PM, CEBAF F227

Present: Seamus Riordan, Zhiwen Zhao, Lorenzo Zana, Xiaochao Zheng, Eugene Chudakov On Phone: Paul Souder, Krishna Kumar, Paul Reimer

  • Plans were made to proceed with Geant4 simulation of SoLID
  • To be done:
    • A framework for software will be produced by the postdocs
      • Eugene suggests to look at other larger scale projects
    • A documentation system will be developed
    • A software versioning system will need to be implemented
  • Paul Reimer can produce field maps using POISSON, has students who can put these into Geant4

Slides by Zhiwen Zhao

Work to be done

A technical review is planned for some time in summer 2011, development progress will influence when this exactly will be

  • Items for development (in rough order to be completed):
    • Reproduce Eugene's GEANT3 results in Geant4
      • Single charged rays in field
      • DIS rates, backgrounds, particle interactions
    • Must adapt or reproduce baffle design code (requires physics, Eloss)
    • Develop for several different magnets
  • Postdocs will work on getting an outline together and decide on a framework and reconvene with spokespeople