Agenda and Minutes for 2011/01/19

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Today we meet and discuss the Solid simulation by using GEMC

Zhiwen built some basic geometry setup in database which is the original way GEMC read in its configuration. And the field map produced by possion was converted and implemented in GEMC successfully also.

Zhiwen showed a prototype of Solid with gemc. (Only coils/yoke/magneticfield are included.)

So far are we are satisfied with GEMC's graphic performance and usability.

Solid prototype.png

Some decision and some planning:
1. we will not fork main code of GEMC, instead we will add our scripts for Solid geometry and add more class to enhance its functionality.
( eg. GEM detector is not used by CLAS12, so we suppose GEMC has no tailored digitization for it.) 
then we can build our version with GEMC or  merge enhancement into its main code.
2. make code script public in SVN ( setup already). have a shared space for simulation (under parity disk on farm, for now)
3. Evaluate what database we want to use to store solid info, we are using CLAS database for now. (Zhiwen)
4. evaluate the available evio2root to see if we can use it or write a new root output. (Simona)
6. look into separate event generator. (Lorenzo)
7. alternative way to make geometry by python (Seamus)
8. preparing an update at solid meeting next week (Seamus)
9. setup a weekly meeting time every Wednesday early afternoon (Zhiwen)