Agenda and Minutes for 2011/01/26

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Draft presentation for this week's collaboration meeting Media:Riordan solid jan2011.pdf

simulation progress:

  • 1. Zhiwen has put in more geometry. so far we have solenoid coil and york, baffle for PVDIS target for PVDIS and SIDIS including beam line, Cherenkov for PVDIS. field map has been put in since last week.
  • 2. the baffle is according to Eugene's previous design (6 plates, 30 slit per plate, 20 blocks per slits).
  • 3. Simona has looked into root output, the "banks" program has the potential to do the job.
  • 4. Seamus looked into implement hit process code into GEMC and tried to compile it with our configuration. Mauri is working on to get the process smooth by distribute the header files with rpm.
  • 5. Lorenzo has looked into implement event generators.
  • 6. Zhiwen is in talk with computer center to setup a mysql database, maybe in virtual machines.
  • 7. the wiki pagess are in constant state being updated to keep our work transparent.

todo: (besides the direction we will pursue. here are some specific things)

  • 1. Zhiwen will try to generated evio for Simona by using baffle as detector so that "banks" can be tested.
  • 2. Simona will think about implement the current Cherenkov design (based on Yi Qiang's seperated geant4 code) into GEMC
  • 3. many detailed geometry and design need to be worked on. But so far everthing is for babar magnet which we know it won't be used. so find the next most likely magnet is a burning question will be discussed in the coming collaboration meeting.

by Zhiwen