Agenda and Minutes for 2011/02/23

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  • progress
    • Zhiwen has fixed the problem of soliddb with CC. please report any further problem.
    • Both Zhiwen and Seamus did some acceptance study of the baffle,(refer to Baffle), to Eugene's configuration. The results between Seamus and Zhiwen are understandable if we are comparing the positive particle bending. The main surprise is Zhiwen sees large gamma acceptance about 40% while it should be about 20% according to emails between Eugene and Paul. The other difference is summarized on the wiki. Seamus will try to confirm Zhiwen's result. Zhiwen will try to contact Eugene to find out detailed info.
    • Simona is working on SIDIS Cerenkov and target geometry.
    • Lorenzo has put chargedgeantino (positive) and geantino (neutron) in the event generator.

Zhiwen put up some Thought on solid gemc developing, We shall discuss them further, maybe during next solid SIDIS collbration meeting on 3/25

    • The root file output needs some additional work. Zhiwen didn't realize the "banks" program has to be changed manually each time for every single banks. Either we rewrite the banks program to make it more automatic or we add the output to root in gemc directly. Zhiwen has looked a little bit into gemc source code for the second way, it seems not very hard, but need to confirm with Mauri if there are additional obstacles and why that's done at the first place.