Agenda and Minutes for 2011/04/06

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  • progress
    • Seamus, Other magnet baffles in GEMC: [1]. Both CLEO and CDF can use the same baffle design of BaBar because the similar geometry and field. CDF need a shift in target position.
    • Zhiwen has made the end cup 60cm longer, field and geometry are updated.
    • Zhiwen has put SIDIS event generator for both inclusive and semi-inclusive reactions in svn.
    • Simona got some sepc from Hamamatsu, the 5" PMT has only almost 0% eff at 4g perpendicular field without shielding and 40% eff at 4g perpendicular field with shielding. the 1" PMT should be better, we may know more next week. The field maps we use shows no place such small field. Our simulation field map is impossible to tell the error of a few gauss, don't need mention how far it may deviate from the actual magnet. We need think hard for other alternative way to replace PMT or extract lights out of the field region.
    • Lorenzo has worked on low-Q event generator
    • Lorenzo has FLUKA working and working on implement Solid geometry in it.
  • todo
    • working on comparing geant3 and geant4 results.