Agenda and Minutes for 2011/09/21

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A "5 minutes" status update has been done for each subsystem.

  1. Simulation - Zhiwen Zhao/Seamus Riordan (the presentation, pdf Powerpoint ).
  2. Magnet - Paul Reimer : Cleo magnet design in progress. Will still need further iteration with each group (PVDIS/SIDIS and engineering) for design tuning. A first draft will be finished soon so that each subsystem could give their input on the design (e-mail magnetic field SIDIS, pdf).
  3. Calorimeters - Zhiwen Zhao/Jin Huang (the presentation, pdf)
  4. Cherenkov
    • SIDIS - Simona Malace (the presentation, pdf)
    • PVDIS - Eric Fuchey (the presentation, pdf)
  5. GEMs - Nilanga Liyanage (the presentation, Powerpoint)
  6. DAQ - Alexander Camsonne/Rory Miskimen (the presentation, pdf Powerpoint ).