Agenda and Minutes for 2011/11/16

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JP's email 

We are supposed to write a whitepaper for the SoLID. Haiyan organized
a short phone meeting this morning and we had the following assignments:
PVDIS physics, Paul Souder organize
SIDIS physics, Haiyan organize
PVDIS instrumentation, Paul Reimei organize
SIDIS instrumentation, Jian-ping organize.
There will be an executive summary to be worked out later.
The plan is to have an initial draft/framework before Thanksgiving (by 11/21).

I am writing to ask for your help for the instrumentation part. Since
many of the instrumentation for PVDIS and SIDIS are in common,
the instrumentation part will need to be coordinated.
For each of the main components, it is suggested to aim for 1-2 page.
Here is a list and suggested persons to supply the draft
(for both PVDIS adn SIDIS):
1) Magnet: Paul Reimei
2) GEMs: Nilanga with the Chinese Collaboration
3) Gas Cherenkov: Zein-Eddine with Simona/Eric
4) EM Calorimeter: Xiaochao with Zhiwen/Jin/Mehdi/Dave Armstrong
5) DAQ: Alexandre Camsonne with Rory/Yi
6) Simulation/background/tracking: Seamus with Lorenzo/Zhiwen/Xin/Ole ...
7) Beam polarimetry: Kent
8)Targets: Jian-ping

I'll leave each group to work out the details and supply the initial draft page(s).