Agenda and Minutes for 2011/11/30

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  • progress
    • Simona shows some update for SIDIS Cherenkov, one mirror design is possible with CFRP instead of glass, [1]
    • Lorenzo has full magnetic field map in fluka, [2]
    • Zhiwen gave some update about calorimeter test. It's impossible to have beam test for calorimeter in HallA during g2p/gep due to no forward angle acceptance for elastic electron. But it's possible to have it under CLAS tagger during g14 run in HallB. HallD has its forward calorimeter module testing there right now. and Hopefully will end by Feb. We The planning is underway.
  • note
    • please give JP comments of the whitepaper draft.
    • we will not meet next week, nor the week after due to hallA meeting. The next meeting will be on 12/21