Agenda and Minutes for 2012/09/11

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Discussions before the Collaboration meeting/Dry run of Friday/Saturday Agenda

  • Magnets
  • List of Software Issues (Seamus)
    • Tracking
      • Rich is working on clustering, should be able to start working on a progressive tracking algorithm
      • Ole is working on Tree Search
      • Rich has provided fits to reconstructed parameters, need to propagate to kinematic reconstruction
      • ROOT has neural network fitting which could be very useful in looking at these as well
    • Baffles and New Magnet evaluation
    • Backgrounds and generators
      • Peter Bosted has fits to resonance region F2 SFs for proton and deuterium
      • Radiative corrections need to be worked in simulation
      • Integrate pion asymmetry
    • Detectors
      • Review/clean up digitization, double check multisampling filtering
      • Evaluation of HERMES preshower, efficiency vs. rejection
      • Radiation survivability of calorimeter with Pb shielding and performance impact
      • Want to see charged flux through PMT glass in GEMC based on background rates
      • Need to evaluate pileup/digitization in full background simulation
      • Need to look at pion asymmetry effects in pion-sensitive detectors
  • SoliD DAQ (Alex)
  • Updates from Lorenzo :
  • Calorimeter Updates (Jin, [1]
  • Other issues?