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example from CLAS12 code

Birk effect

From Energy deposition to number of photons are implemented in Jin Huang's standalone code and Rakitha's remoll code similarly

devel version for GEMC EC hit processing is here
add Birk effect and decay in WLS fiber for ec shower and preshower in GEMC

devel version for GEMC detector is here
note the bank definition have to match hit processing, the time window in hit definition can affect number of hits output and running speed
  • EC detector in GEMC is implemented this way:
    • the parameter file define all module id and location, and each's module's characteristics. then entire EC is built from the parameter file by perl scripts
    • define one preshower module, then make copy to produce all the rest preshower modules
    • define one shower module, then make copy to produce all the rest modules
    • for one shower module, define full shower as scintillation with one id as mother, then define one lead layer,one gap front and one gap back, then make copy of lead and gap layer all as daughter.
  • EC hit processing is implemented this way:
    • in output root file, each entry in the solid_ec vector tree is one hit
    • each hit is a sum of all steps from all tracks in all scintillation layers of a module within one time windows (100ns) because all scintillation layers for one module has one id
    • for each hit,
      • totEdep sum all steps deposited energy,
      • every step Edep is corrected by Birk effect to EdepB, then sum into totEdepB
      • every step EdepB is corrected by light decay in shower WLS fiber to Eend, then sum into totEend which give the final result
      • for shower,Edep_seg0-9,EdepB_seg0-9,Eend_seg0-9 are recorded along shower module for debugging purpose. It should give EM show profile.
      • any conversion to photon is left for digitization or analysis after simulation to avoid unnecessary rerunning simulation
    • refer to GEMC hit definition

how to test on ifarm

 source /group/solid/solid_svn/set_solid 1.3
 cd $HOME  (or somewhere not at /work/halla/solid)
 svn co
 cd ec/source/2.3
 scons OPT=1 -j4
 cd ../../analysis
 ../source/2.3/solid_gemc solid_PVDIS_LD2_ec_segmented.gcard