Weekly : Monday, Feb.18, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


  • JP: suggest to repair the document for the science review, which happens after the cost review.
  • Paul: What's the approach for the HGC, like gas system? He worried about the reviewers will pick it as the show stopper.
  • Zhiwen: will show some HGC update on the coming Tuesday meeting.
  • Zein-Eddine: Suggest Zhiwen to talk to Michael to test the light gas window influence on the HGC from the simulation.
  • JP: Quick study on the influence of the other detectors, background, windows thickness, gas pressure on the HGC from the simulation.


Alexandre, JP, Paul, Zein-Eddine, Rich, Ye, Jinlong, and Zhiwen