Weekly : Monday, June 3, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • Discussion on SoLID cost estimation according to WBS (Work Breakdown


  • Sub-system updates


  • Stephen: Now the slow control cost estimation from DAQ has been added.
  • JP: We have some document format and formular issue,
  • Zhiwen: will modify the budget estimation document format, and send it through email.
  • JP: Do you have any questions on this?
  • Nilanga: For the time line problem, what's the start time?
  • JP: FY22 (10/01/2021)is the starting point based on the current information. For the construction, some detectors can start early, i.e. PMTs can be ordered early.
  • Alexandre: What's the electronics start time?
  • JP: If you already have the main ideas before the engineering design, you can start early.
  • Paul: For the invited talk related to HallA/HallC, is it good to talk about the SoLID?
  • JP: Good point, we event should try the contributed talk too.
  • JP: China workshop, is anyone interested to go?


Alexandre, JP, Michael, Paul, Nilanga, Seamus, Stephen, Whit, Ye, Rich, and Zhiwen