Weekly : Monday, Mar.25, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


1) JP: Review data hasn't been scheduled.

2) Zhiwen: HGC general update on detector efficiency and rejection, and it can be improved with low momentum and lower angle events. More details will be shown during the Tuesday simulation meeting.

3) JP: for the low momentum the design value is 2.5 GeV. Did Zhiwen talked to Haiyan about the 30% inefficiency compared with 10% inefficiency(design)? The fine tuning may not solve the problem, it may need to change on the design level.

4) Zhiwen: Haiyan knew the inefficiency, and we haven't had a method to solve this problem yet. The LGS have the similar problem, we have to think the design changing influence on the other detectors also.

5) Seamus: It may because of the collimator is too big, and most of the event are from the center of the target. Collimator need to be adjusted in order to reduce the collimator interaction effect, which is shown in the Zhiwen's plot. It may need to cut on vertex and angle.

6) JP: collimator need to be optimized to avoid cutting too much acceptance. We need to judge what do we need to change based on Zhiwen's HGC conclusion.

7) Paul: What has been changed to cause the efficiency changing?

8) JP: Nothing has been changed. Without the window thickness effect, the efficiency is already lower than we expected.

9)Zhiwen: The PRCDR only shows the incident event efficiency.

10)JP: We have to carefully study the detector performance together again.


Alexandre, JP, Paul, Seamus, Rich, Junqi, Ye, Jinlong, and Zhiwen