Weekly : Monday, May.13, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • Discussion on SoLID cost estimation according to WBS (Work Breakdown


  • Sub-system updates


  • JP: Based on the Moller review feedback, we need to prepared more detail cost estimation. JP shows a table for the subsystem cost estimation, and he will send out this form to the person in charge of the subsystems.
  • Paul: Things is changing by the time, so how do we handle the costing changing?
  • JP: small change is normal, if it is a large change we need to discuss with the committee.
  • Nilanga: Is the review is scheduled?

JP: We are looking for August, but it is quite difficult based on the current information. It is probably early September.

  • Nilanga: We should add the overhead, isn't?
  • JP: You just need to add your numbers. And Jlab will use the average cost which includes everything you need.
  • Zhiwen: For the graduate student, should we count as 0.5 labor?
  • JP: It is better to have the individual labor estimation.
  • Zhiwen: From JP's table, it shows some detectors have the tracking cost, and some don't.
  • JP: Shows an example on how to fill the table. If you don't include all the things that you needed in there, then you can't add more items later.After the meeting, I will send the form and the example. I will talk to you individually through this week(Wednesday to Friday).And I hope we will have the first round draft by Monday.
  • JP: Seamus, I need to talk to you about the baffle estimation.
  • Nilanga: Chips update.


Alexandre, JP, Haiyan, Paul, Nilanga, Seamus, Guannan, Ye, Junqi, Rich, and Zhiwen