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collaboration info


 Agendas and Minutes of weekly meeting
meeting info in the Minutes page also

Email list

"solid_ec at" registration and archive

the administrator is Zhiwen Zhao (zwzhao at

file dir

  • dropbox folder

ask Zhiwen Zhao to share the dropbox folder with you

  • jlab folder (outdated)

upload files to /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/12GeV/SoLID/download/ec

they show up at

Simulation and Digitization

Short Summary


  • dimension of limitation
    • Fluxreturn space radius 90 - 270cm
    • crystat radius 0 - 144cm
  • dimension of support structure
    • FAEC (shared by PVDIS and SIDIS) radius 93 - 265cm
    • LAEC (only for SIDIS) radius 80 - 90 - 140cm
  • dimension of module coverage
    • PVDIS FAEC radius 105 - 265cm
    • SIDIS FAEC radius 93 - 235cm
    • SIDIS LAEC radius 80 - 90 - 140cm
  • note
    • 0. the inner radius of fluxreturn could be reduced to 85cm for
    • 2. the FAEC supporting structure is share between SIDIS and PVDIS experiments. While SIDIS needs from 96cm - 230cm and PVDIS needs 110cm - 262cm, the overall need is 96 - 262cm.
    • 3. SIDIS FAEC needs to move upsteam 85cm to become PVDIS FAEC, so the supporting structure needs to allow the movement. Note at the before and after locations, the endcap nose shape changes. It's a concern if the supporting structure is connected to the endcap nose. If the supporting is only connected to the endcap donut (15cm thick iron), not the endcap nose, it won't be a concern then.
    • 4. LAEC needs to support on its own without putting force on cryostat and its supporting may need to share with GEM to stay within the limited space inside the solenoid.
    • 5. The LAEC 90-140cm is for the 100cm2 size module and LAEC 80-90cm is for smaller and shorter modules to fill the triangle area down to 14.85 degree line.

number of module

  • assume 100cm2 module area, calculate number of modules by module coverage, we get
    • PVDIS FAEC 1860
    • SIDIS total 1879
      • SIDIS FAEC 1464, SIDIS LAEC 415 (about 360 regular module, 55 small module)
  • ANL design hexagon layout for FAEC has module about 1750 [1]
  • So 1800 module in total is good guess


assume 44 long and length ratio Pb:Sc=1:3 shower, 100*44*(0.75*1.032+0.25*11.34)=16kg

assume 2 radiation length lead 1.12cm and 2cm Sci preshower, 100*1.12*11.34+100*2*1.032=1.5kg

assume everything else, like wrapping, rod etc is about 2.5kg

total module weight about 20kg each



fiber and connector

test stand

beam test 2012

todo list (2012/06)

talks and notes

2012_01_06 Jlab Physics Division Brain Storm Session by Xiaochao Zheng pdf

2011_12_09 meet with W&M and talk about general and beam test plan

2011_11_09 EC longitudinal segmentation option at weekly meeting

2011_10 collaboration meeting by Mehdi Meziane

2011_09_30 Jlab Physics Division Brain Storm Session by Jin Huang

2011_09_21 Update by Mehdi Meziane

2011_06 collaboration meeting by Zhiwen Zhao for forwardangle Calor

2011_06 collaboration meeting by Jin Huang for largeangle Calor

2011_03 collaboration meeting by Zhiwen Zhao for forwardangle Calor

2011_03 collaboration meeting by Jin Huang for largeangle Calor

previous pages (some info outdated)

Forward Calorimeter

Largeangle Calorimeter

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