Deeply Virtual Meson Production

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Proposals and Documents

A GitHub repository has been setup to store the draft of proposals and some the documents. It is public.

Its repository:

Two How-To pages to get started with GitHub:


  • Drafting the proposals (deadline: early May, report to SoLID Collaborating Meeting on 05/11/2016) -- By Garth Huber and Zhihong Ye
  • Studying Proton Acceptance (with existing SoLID-SIDIS configuration) -- By Zhihong Ye
  • Adding a Recoil-Proton-Detector, e.g. Scintillating Planes right in front of the CLEO-II entrance. Studying the TOF info for proton PID. -- By Zafar Ahmed and Zhihong Ye
  • Background Study. SIDIS background and other types.-- By Zhihong Ye
  • Projections of physics observables and comparing with models predictions.-- By Zhihong Ye
  • Systematic budget study.
  • Studying of commissioning and calibration plans.
  • etc.

DVMP Simulation, Coverage, Trigger Rate and Background etc


File Sharing

Weekly Meetings

The weekly meeting is held on every Friday at 11:30am ET. The BlueJeans for remotely joining the meeting is:

Useful Resources