Largeangle Calorimeter

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The Largeangle Calorimeter (LC) provides particle ID for the large acceptance region of SIDIS SoLID experiments.

  • Preshower- shower configuration
  • Incidental momentum 3~7 GeV/c
  • Provide a pion rejection factor of 200:1
  • coverage: 13~22 degree (CDF design)
  • In 1.5T field
  • Radiation hard
  • Better be thin, small radiation length


Option: W-SciFi



Simulation tools:

  • SVN source [1]
  • Adopted from [Solid_Forward_Calorimeter#how_to_run_code forward|angle calorimeter simulation]
  • Added support for
    • Set field from mac script: ex. mac/TestFile.mac
    • Added hadron simulation, beam of pion, kaon from mac script: ex. mac/TestFile.mac
    • Added option for preshower - shower confirguration: switch configurations at src/CaloSimDetectorConstruction.C::Construct()
    • Script tools to convert GEMC phase space to input file and load via mac scripts: high level script at script/GEMC2CaloSimScript.C

Initial Studies

3 electrons in LC with 1.5T magnetic field
E/p for LC; Left: pi-; Right: electron; BaBar flat phase space
  • Shower Only Configuration
    • Simulated w/ 1.5T field; fiber is along the field direction; W plate is placed along the azimuthal direction.
    • E/p plot is shown on the right
    • Reasonable Pion electron separation

Option: Shashlyk Calorimeter


Light Collection and Detection

Option: outside PMT w/ Fiber extension

Option: GEM PMT

Option: Silicon based PMT

Popular choice but not a good one for LC, due to high background.


FPGA based waveform digitalizer?