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** get solid repo
** get solid repo
*** git clone https://eicweb.phy.anl.gov/EIC/detectors/solid.git
*** git clone https://eicweb.phy.anl.gov/EIC/detectors/solid.git
*** cd solid
*** python benchmarks/ECal/run_benchmarks.py barrel --particle "electron" -n 100 -t "barrel_electron" --pmin 5.0 --pmax 5.0 --angmin 45 --angmax 135 (not working yet)
*** python benchmarks/ECal/run_benchmark.py -t imcal_epi --particles "electron" -n 10000 --pmin 5.0 --pmax 5.0 (not working)
*** python benchmarks/ECal/run_benchmarks.py barrel --particle "electron" -n 100 -t "barrel_electron" --pmin 5.0 --pmax 5.0 --angmin 45 --angmax 135 (not working)

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software ideas

meeting info

Date and Location:  Thursday at 2PM in CEBAF center B101 (announcement in solid_software emaillist)
Conference ID 136870725 (participant passcode 7012)
Joining and Desktop Sharing http://bluejeans.com/136870725/7012 (You don't need to call in by phone if your PC has a mic and a speaker)
Phone Call Dial 18882402560 (US or Canada only)  and enter the Conference ID and passcode.  (REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker on your PC)
meeting system "bluejeans" howto https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Bluejeans_howto
How to share files for the meeting:
you may just send the file to ole@jlab.org
The info below is about how to do it yourself
upload your file to the meeting file dir /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/12GeV/SoLID/download/software/talk from any jlab server
then you can link it by http://hallaweb.jlab.org/12GeV/SoLID/download/software/talk/ + yourfilename
note: your account needs to be in 12gev_solid group to be able to upload.

meeting record

  • 2021/04/22
    • Simulation software status (Zhiwen)
    • ARIEL framework (Ole)
    • Developments at ANL (Sylvester?)
    • General discussion
    • Organization of future meetings
  • 2016/06/09
  • 2016/05/26
    • How to write a service in art. Example: Geometry service in art's "toyExperiment" slides (Ole)
  • 2016/05/06
    • Software talk from May 2016 collaboration meeting slides (Ole)
  • 2016/04/07
    • Updates
  • 2016/03/25
    • Take-away from recent workshop on Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing slide (Ole)
    • Beginning of software framework to-do list slides (Ole)
  • 2016/02/04
    • Software Framework Comparison slides (Ole)
    • Fermilab course on using art/LArSoft agenda/talks
  • 2015/10/29
  • 2015/10/15
    • Discussion of initial experience with FairRoot/PandaRoot/EICRoot framework
    • Brief discussion of basic L3 trigger requirements
    • Discussion of near term simulation goals, primarily SIDIS digitization
    • Suggestion to investigate genfit & RAVE tracking/fitting libraries
  • 2015/10/01
    • Lessons learned from CLAS12 & GEMC development (Mauri) pdf
    • Take-away from EIC software workshop 9/25 (Ole) pdf
    • For reference: Talk given at EIC software workshop 9/25/15 (Ole) pdf
  • 2015/09/17
    • Framework design ideas (continued from collaboration meeting discussion) (Ole) pdf
    • Further dsicussion of geometry database prototyping
    • Preparation for next week's EIC software workshop at JLab
  • 2015/08/20
    • Overview of PHENIX Fun4All framework and development for sPHENIX (Tom) ppt
    • Virual Geometry Model info page at CERN [3]
    • "Geometry and GEANT4" note from Maurik Holtrop (June 2011) [4]
    • Summary of our current ideas/desired features for geometry/calibration database (Ole) pdf
  • 2015/07/23
    • Progress reports
  • 2015/07/09
    • Continue discussion of geometry classes (ROOT's TGeometry, EIC geometry package etc.)
  • 2015/06/18
    • Ideas for geometry classes (ROOT's TGeo, EIC geometry package etc.)
  • 2015/06/11
    • Key features of Hall D framework (Ole) pdf
  • 2015/05/07
    • Preparation for May collaboration meeting (Ole) pdf


PODIO https://github.com/AIDASoft/podio

sPHENIX software and simulation workfest https://indico.bnl.gov/conferenceOtherViews.py?view=standard&confId=1237

EIC Software Meeting, September 24-25, 2015 https://www.jlab.org/conferences/eicsw/program.html

Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing, March 16-18, 2016 https://www.jlab.org/conferences/trends2016/program.html

GlueX Computing Document

ccdb Hall D website

note about Geometry and GEANT4 from Maurik Holtrop (June 2011) [5]

Virtual Monte Carlo Run geant4 with TGeo

Virual Geometry Model used by VMC to convert TGeo to geant4 geo

VecGeom [6][7] replacing TGeo and Geant4 geo with MUCH better performance, support since geant4.10, planned adoption in Root, keep backward compatible with Tgeo, refer its webpage and [8] [9][10]

LBNE "General Geometry Description" (GGD or GeGeDe) [11]

PyGeom for gemc https://github.com/mholtrop/PyGeom

delphes, fast sim https://cp3.irmp.ucl.ac.be/projects/delphes



  • Zhiwen's DD4hep test installation on ifarm in the following steps
    • cd /group/solid/gitanl
    • install eic_container by "module load singularity/3.5.3","setenv PATH /apps/cmake/bin/:{$PATH}" and follow container instruction
    • source /group/solid/gitanl/setup.csh (assume your default shell is tcsh)
    • enter container by "container_dev" (somehow graphic is not working in this container, maybe due to X11 forwarding when running on ifarm)
    • "source run.sh" inside container (default shell in container is bash and default installation location is /group/solid/gitanl/development), every step below is inside container
    • mkdir -p /group/solid/gitanl/EIC/tutorials && cd /group/solid/gitanl/EIC/tutorials
    • get and test tutorial "git clone https://eicweb.phy.anl.gov/EIC/tutorials/tutorial_part1.git"
    • cd /group/solid/gitanl/EIC
    • get and test NPDet "git clone https://eicweb.phy.anl.gov/EIC/NPDet.git"
      • cd NPDet && mkdir build && cd build
      • cmake ../. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/group/solid/gitanl/development
      • make -j4
      • make install
      • cd /group/solid/gitanl/EIC/NPDet/src/ConceptDetectors/solid/compact
      • scripts/run_example solid_sidis.xml
  • Using the ARIEL container on ifarm The below directions are general walkthrough to setting up art inside the ARIEL container on ifarm in a way to allow you to add your own modules.
    • Log into ifarm
    • Create a directory structure in a convenient location: mkdir -p my-dir/{build,sources,output}
    • Setup the output directory: cd ~/my-dir/build && ln -s ../output output
    • Start the singularity container: module load singularity && /group/solid/apps/ARIEL.sif
    • Copy the entire workbook to your sources directory: cd ~/my-dir/sources && cp -r $ARIEL/workbook/ .
    • Load the workbook (sets environment vars, etc): module load workbook
    • Configure for building: cd ../build && cmake ../sources
    • Build the workbook modules: make -jN (N = number of cores)
    • Test the build by running one of the examples: art -c fcl/FirstModule/first.fcl
    • To add your own module to art, we write the cpp code and fHiCL file (if needed). From here there are two steps:
      • Place the new code and configuration fHiCL file(s) in their own directory located in ~/sources/art-workbook
      • Update the ~/sources/art-workbook/CMakeLists.txt file to find your new module by adding the line: add_subdirectory(MyNewModule), where MyNewModule is the name of your directory (choose a name that pairs well with your module name)
    • Re-compile the workbook modules: cd ~/my-dir/build && cmake ../sources && make -jN
    • Test your new module by running art with your new fHiCL file: art -c fcl/MyNewModule/myNewModule.fcl